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Employee Awareness Training is a formal organizational program where cyber security training is provided to its employees. It is common knowledge that when it comes to cyber security, employees are often ‘the weak link in the chain’. A simple click on a link can circumvent all your best of breed security controls.

The goal of providing awareness training is to engage employees and teach them how to protect themselves and the organization by providing cyber security definitions, examples and defensive tactics. It is important that employees understand that protecting the organization’s systems, data and reputation does not strictly fall on the shoulders of IT; it is a shared responsibility”.

Organizations understand that you must first teach employees the basics around cyber security to avoid being breached. Adding a Phishing assessment after training is completed is a great tool in determining the success of the training.

Source 44 can provide various training options to suit your organization’s needs. From live, in-class sessions to online video-based modules, we can create customized material to present best practices and review corporate policies and procedures; establishing better alignment with IT and the business.